Planning to upgrade your Sim-Rig? Fanatec increasing prices next week!

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If you are planning to upgrade your simracing hardware, these news might be urgent to you.

Fanatec just announced that they will be increasing prices for their hardware next week. They say to have worked hard keeping prices low as long as possible, but are not longer able to bear with this. Some items will actually keep the same or even decrease in pricing – but we can expect that the most interesting pieces of simracing hardware – apart from wheel bases, as Fanatec announces – will increase.

Here is the original announcement by Fanatec:

Dear valued customer,

We have been absorbing and managing higher manufacturing and logistics costs for more than a year, but now it is time to make some adjustments. Starting March 17th 2022, several products across our CSL, ClubSport, and Podium lines will increase in price. However, we are keeping the changes to a minimum, and many products will stay the same – for example we are retaining the basic pricing for the core component in our ecosystem: the Wheel Bases.

Following a reassessment of our price structure, we have also been able to lower the price of a small number of products, and these changes have already been applied. We wanted to give you a heads-up before we apply the price increases next week.

We will continue to work hard to offer great value, innovation, and performance across the entire Fanatec product range.

Kind regards,
Team Fanatec

Marketing E-Mail by Fanatec from 11th March, 2022

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