Battle of the Racing Gloves 2019

(Sim-)Racing gloves are hardly ever reviewed. I am on a mission to change that – and not only include true racing gloves, but also hacks like exam gloves (which work surprisingly well, but don’t last very long) or Gardena gardening gloves.

The Battle of the Racing Gloves 2019 will feature gloves of different categories, but all well below EUR 100.

This page serves as a directory to these upcoming reviews and be filled over the coming weeks. Just check back from time to time 🙂

Here we go:

Part I: Non-Convential Gloves or “Hacks”

  • Exam Gloves
  • Gardena Tool Gloves

Part II: Sim Racing Gloves

Part III: Real Racing Gloves

  • Alpinestars

Part IV: Play-Offs and Final

Sebastian Mach

Sebastian Mach

Simracing for more than five years. iRacing, rFactor, but sometimes arcade racing just for fun.

Typically Top 2%-5% racer. Tries to not be slow.
Sebastian Mach

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