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Check Out the Top 3 Sim Racing Cockpits – Fanatec vs. GT Omega vs. Playseat

If you’re thinking about purchasing an innovative sim racing cockpit, look no further! Continue reading to check out the top 3 sim racing cockpits to buy.

When it’s time to get serious with your racing cockpit, you are going to want to get the best setup you can find. Sim racing cockpits are essential for recreating the real racing experience as much as possible. Unfortunately, there are so many options that it can get a bit overwhelming when it comes time to sit down and make a choice on what’s right for you.

All good racing cockpits offer the same essentials: a comfortable place to sit your behind during an intense race. You should have ample and easy to reach space for your gaming devices as well. The additional cup holder or food tray might not be a bad addition as well if you want to spring for a few extras.

This article is meant to help you figure out what that best choice is for your needs and racing experience. We’ve gone through and looked at several different options in order to present the top three sim racing cockpits you can buy right now. This will give you a good idea of what to look out for and potentially buy to upgrade your overall racing setup.

Read on to learn about the specifics of each cockpit and why we’ve ranked them as the top three.


To sift through the different sim racing cockpit options and arrive at the top three, we looked at several different things about each cockpit. Basically, we were concerned with the most important factors that contribute to the best racing experience possible.

First and most important, we looked at the overall comfort of the cockpit. Sim racing cockpits are meant to be comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. If they aren’t, what’s the point of having one in the first place?

Build quality and ease of assembly were also at the top of our evaluation list. Sim racing cockpits aren’t cheap, which means you’ll want them to last. Easy assembly is also great so you can get to racing quicker instead of spending hours in front of a pile of furniture pieces.

We also evaluated what kinds of additional features and customization each cockpit boasts. These features rarely change the overall racing experience but can make the difference when you are deciding between the top three choices.

The price point was another important thing to consider since racing simulator cockpits can add up. Most of the time, you will get what you pay for, but there are several different budget and midrange options to consider. Higher quality budget options will often leave out certain customization features and accessories without sacrificing quality and comfort.

Finally, we’ve included any relevant information on cockpit compatibility with gaming peripherals. If there are any special comparability issues you need to be aware of, you’ll see it in the specific review of the sim racing cockpits.

Think about what you need out of a racing cockpit to make the best choice. We’ve ranked the top three choices from our top pick on down. That way, you can go with the absolute best or something that is more focused and affordable with its offerings.

1. Fanatec RennSport Cockpit V2

When it’s time to get serious with sim racing cockpits, nothing will fit the bill more than the Fanatec RennSport Cockpit V2. This cockpit is all about customization. If you are looking for something that will fit you most like a glove, this setup will deliver.

This racing simulator cockpit is based on a well built, easy to assemble frame that will hold all of the gaming devices and accessories together. Fanatec has designed this cockpit with customization in mind so you can pick and choose the right pieces and accessories for your needs. This will also allow you to upgrade pieces in the future or separate your purchases out as you need them.

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Fanatec offers several different chair options to suit your preferred comfort level. The seats come in different sizes and materials so you can find the best fit. There are also a few different price points if you want to start at the budget end.

The cockpit is compatible with all the Fanatec gaming devices and accessories, as well as certain Thrustmaster and Logitech devices. You should consult the RSC product website to confirm that which mounts will be compatible with your gaming setup.

Overall, this cockpit represents a top of the line option if you are looking for high quality and a lot of customization options. This rig will make it easy to tailor your gaming experience to your liking. New, the RennSport base price will run you around €999/$1100 and up depending on customizations and accessories.

2. GT Omega Pro Racing Simulator Supreme – RS6 Seat

The GT Omega Pro Pro Racing Simulator Supreme represents a great middle option among sim racing cockpits. It lacks a lot of the customization features of the Fanatec, but will still provide many great mounts, accessories, and comfort at under half the price.

The cockpit is built around a black steel frame that will hold a number of accessory mounts. Assembly is fairly straightforward. The frame features a separate monitor stand that will hold up to three 27” monitors which you can position independently of the main frame.

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Despite the smaller cost, this cockpit offers a great full sized seat that will last for many intense races. A plethora of gear, wheel, and pedal mounts surround the seat so everything is in reach. You will also find a few convenient additions like a keyboard/mouse tray and drink holder. Compatibility for gaming devices includes select models from Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Logitech, and others.

The GT Omega Pro costs around €439.95/$490 new as a complete set. While it lacks customization features, it’s a great upgrade or even starter kit if you want to spend a little bit more for something that will meet your general racing needs. It’s affordable enough to save some extra money if you plan on making any further additions or upgrades in the near future for other gaming equipment.

3. Playseat Alcantara

For people entering into the world of sim racing cockpits or who are looking for a simple setup, the Playseat Alcantara is a great option. This cockpit focuses on providing the absolute essentials at the cheapest price on this list. Even though it’s affordable, don’t assume it isn’t made well.

The cockpit includes a real car seat made of Alcantara and simple wheel/pedal mounts in front. Even though it lacks the extra accessories and customization potential, this cockpit will provide everything you need to support your core gaming setup.

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Assembly is a breeze with the simplified setup of the playseat cockpit. The seat even folds down so you can store and transport the cockpit if necessary. If you play a lot of diverse game genres or need the extra space every so often, this is the best choice for simple set up and tear down.

The cockpit is compatible with a wide variety of control devices, including gaming consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Keep in mind that Fanatec ClubSport pedals aren’t natively compatible with this cockpit. There are, however, adapter plates you can purchase to make them work together.

You can expect to pay around €399/$445 for a new Alcantara. This makes it a great budget option if you are buying your first cockpit or want an additional one for a multiple person setup.


These three cockpit options will give you a great racing experience, regardless of the one you ultimately choose. Each one comes with a comfortable chair and stable device mounts for the most commonly used gaming devices. They also boast great build qualities and fast set up times.

The main differences you will have to choose between are the different price points and accessories each cockpit offers. If you want nothing but the best and most expensive, the Fanatec RennSport can’t be beaten. It will provide you the greatest freedom to shape your desired racing experience.

On the other hand, choose either the GT Omega Pro or Playseat Alcantara for a more budget friendly option. The GT Omega is a complete package with a few additional accessories. The Alcantara focuses on the bare bones racing essentials with the added perk of easy storage.

Choosing The Best Sim Racing Cockpits

There you have it, the top three sim racing cockpits you can go out and buy today. You can’t go wrong with any of these sim racing cockpits since they all provide a similar racing experience and feature set. We found the Fanatec RennSport Cockpit V2 to be the overall winner, but all three options are top tier.

To make the ultimate choice, think about which features are right for you along with how much money you are willing to spend. You should also do some additional research to make sure the cockpit you may purchase will be compatible with your existing gaming rig. Look up compatibility for your gaming wheel, pedals, shifters, and the number/size of your monitors.

Check out the rest of our sim racing blog for more reviews and insights.

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