News (Oct 4, 2017): Gran Turismo Sport – Free Demo!

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News and Olds

This time, we present not exactly the newest news, but since we just started with our news category, let’s not be picky and let us show some really interesting videos and previews from the past few months.

GT Sport – Free Demo

Just a few weeks ahead until the release on October 16th 2017, a free demo of Gran Turismo Sport is available for a limited time.

iRacing – Pit Crew Animations “Coming Soon”

Without many words, I find this interesting, actually. While I mostly enjoy the simulation part of simracing, I think that good graphics and animations definitely add to immersion. Especially in Times of Oculus Rift and the rise of VR in general.

Project Cars 2 – Race Engineer Preview

Ever since rFactor (part 1), I have been missing a simple way to develop setups that are good enough for a bit of fun.

Those familiar with the iRacing forums know that there is fierce rivalry between the “fixed setups” and “open setups” people – live and let live, I say. Sometimes I enjoy tweaking setups, sometimes I just want to race.

Often forgotten is that drivers like Max Verstappen or Brad Keselowski have a huge time behind them, including setup experts. A simracer typically does not have such a team; at best he has fellow race drivers in team who need to balance their time between setting up and driving.

Anyways, Project Cars 2 has me on this one: A race engineer mode. Take a look a this preview:

I mean, have a look at this screen shot alone:

Good stuff coming ahead. Still not the same as the four simple sliders in rFactor, but hey, it’s my personal race engineer!

Shaun Cole of the Simpit – Driving School and Pursuit of Speed

Shaun Cole did another great video in their Pursuit of Speed series:

By the way, have you seen Shaun’s Driving Shool already?

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