Fanatec Announcement: CSL Elite (PS4, PC) now available in USA and Canada

Fanatec today officially announced the availability of their CSL Elite for PS4 (and PC) setup in the USA and Canada.

Find out everything about the CSL Elite series on and

And here’s what the guys and gals from Landshut have to say:

Landshut, Germany – 15.09.2017 – today Fanatec® announced the expansion of the sales regions for their CSL Elite Racing Wheel to the United States of America and Canada. It has been introduced to Europe and Australia in early June, and marks a new milestone as Fanatec’s first racing wheel officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) and now also Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC (SIE) for use on PlayStation®4 (PS4™) and PS4™ Pro consoles.

For a list of compatible games of the CSL Elite Racing Wheel – officially licensed for PS4™ please navigate to

Pricing and availability

  • The products will be available exclusively for online purchase in the Fanatec Webshop.
  • The products are open for pre-order in the Fanatec Webshop for US and Canada.
  • Delivery date is planned for late September 2017 in US and Canada.
  • Fanatec is exploring the possibility of expanding the availability into further markets but have nothing to announce at this time.
  • Prices:
ProductUSD excl. Sales tax
CSL Elite Racing Wheel – officially licensed for PS4™479,95

In case you missed it above, find out everything about the CSL Elite series on and

Sebastian Mach

Sebastian Mach

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