Watched Indy500 or Monaco-GP? Race yourself!Formula-4-1000x666

Start Simracing, you won’t get any closer! Drive. Yourself!

Read G27 Racing Wheel (< $500), Fanatec Review (< $1200).

General Info on Simracing: If Bored, Start Simracing.

Happy Indy500!


Simracing. You’ve reached the correct place if you intend to become a Simracer or if you’re planning to upgrade your current simracing hardware or simracing rig.

There is no perfect simracer. Perfection is impossible, otherwise, laptimes would be identical, hotlap for hotlap. This is great, because then, there’s always room for improvement!

Newcomer? Bored by yet another Arcade Racer?

Read my article coined Bored by Racing-“Games”? Then get real., contains a neat check list what to do with respect to your budget.

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Logitech G27 Track IR V5  Fanatec Club Sport
Logitech G27 - 1 TrackIR