Fanatec Reveals New F1 Wheel on Black Friday 2018

Just a few hours before Fanatec’s Black Friday 2018 launches, Fanatec has unveiled an image of their new F1 licensed racing steering wheel.

Here’s a screenshot of the wheel:

Here’s a zoom-up, even if the screenshot’s quality is, uhm, humble:

Let’s compare the button layout with Fanate’s classic formula style steering wheel, which will be available as a new edition this Black Friday, too:

This button layout is (from what the screenshot tells) identical to the classic Fanatec ClubSport Steern Wheel Formula [Carbon].


ClubSport Formula Steering Wheel
(“old style”)
ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2018
(“new style”)
– top row 6 buttons (3 on each side)
– center row 2 buttons (1 each side)
– left side analog stick
– right side funky key: an digital joy stick that can be turned left/right arbitrarily
– bottom row with 3 buttons
– 2 digital shifter paddles
all from the standard wheel, PLUS:

– 2 more “stick-like buttons” in the center row. I guess these are two-way-switches
– 2 new rotary knobs between center row and top row
– 3 more  rotary knobs between center row and bottom row

Unfortunately, it does not look as if there are clutch paddles as on their McLaren licensed 30 cm Le Mans-style wheel.

I also guess that this new wheel sports an OLED display, unlike the old style Formula wheel which had “just” a classic digital clock display.

(note that this is just guesswork from looking at the screenshot)
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