Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3

$299,95 / €359,95

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On 12. October 2016
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Solid update and still no plastic crap. Great work. If you already own CSP V2, you don't necessarily need these. If not, you do.

Breaking News: Fanatec ClubSport Pedals, V3 to be Released


Fanatec is about to release a new version of their famous Club Sport Pedals!

They look pretty sexy, to me. As you see, they come with an alternate set of plates, but the old ones are still available:

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Big Changes

You see right: The brake pedal is now adjustable without having to tinker with oil and other additional tools: Just turn that wheel around, and thereby adjust the brake sensitivity of the ClubSport Pedals V3.

The other big change is an improvement of the gas and clutch pedal from 10 bits to 12 bits, and the programmer in you knows that is 4 times the resolution of the ClubSport Pedals, V2. Additionally, Fanatec states that the brake’s load cell is “much more precise”, without mentioning exact quantities and how much more (but now it’s at 90kg).

Furthermore, the gas pedal now has its own vibration motor to detect wheel spin. Personally, I am not sure on that one: Last time I lost grip when exiting our Autobahn when coming from work, I didn’t feel anything in my real car’s throttle. But then: Hey, we simracers are in competition, let’s hope iRacing and rFactor will at some point provide proper and meaningful support for those mini motors.

Small Changes

  • Already mentioned were the new pedal plates, but the old ones are still available.
  • Comes with Different Springs for the Gas Pedal
  • Accordingly, ClubSport Pedals V3 have been redesigned in order to make spring changing easier
  • Dead Zone and Brake Sensitivity can now be adjusted on board

The Administrative Stuff

ClubSport Pedals, V3 will be available at 359.95 EUR, rolling out 2015-08-31 in Europe.

In the US, it will be rolled out the same day, but at a lower price for just $299.95.

If you do the maths, than $299.95 basically is the Europe price tag, but minus 19%, which is the tax rate in Germany. Not sure if there’s a correlation, but I guess. Same prices everywhere would of course be better to prevent shitstorms in iRacing and rFactor forums, though.

Before heading over and just ordering the US version, be aware that custom’s polices can be painful to fulfill, both with regards to the custom’s offices opening hours, as well as additional customs rate.


Yes. Absolutely recommended. If anything has made my racing more consistent, it’s Fanatec’s ClubSport pedals.

It needs to be mentioned that Fanatec ClubSport does not natively support PlayStation 4. You can use it, but it may need minor tweaking. More on that can be read in our review of PS4 steering wheel and pedals.

However, the ClubSport lineup runs neatly on Xbox One. See also our Xbox One Steering Wheel and Pedal review.

Note that it’s not without reason that the world’s most famous Alien Racer, Greger Huttu, uses Fanatec hardware.




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