Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3 Inverted

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V3 inverted

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On 26. February 2017
Last modified:26. February 2017


Shaun Cole: "We are talking about the best bang for the buck pedals on the market"

Fanatec ClubSport V3 inverted

Unfortunately, I don’t have a device to review it myself. However, Shaun Cole of Simpit produces reviews that totally fit my style of review: Not too many technical details; focus on race performance; a little bit of aesthetics.

You can find Fanatec’s ClubSport Pedals V3 inverted at the Fanatec website, as usual.

Race for    at Fanatec

As a sidenote: As can be seen in the comments on the video, there is often some confusion regarding the “cheaper” US prices. To which I answered the following:

Your are looking at misleading info. US prices are typically without VAT, whereas European are. You are at 535 USD for the cheapest shipping method, before taxes. As shown for example at, there is no general VAT in the US, unlike the 19% in Germany. Now if you would add German 19% sales tax, you would be at 636 USD. Compared to that, with standard shipment within Germany, you are at 617 EUR, INCLUDING taxes. Never compare US prices to Euro prices without further thought.

Here’s Shaun Cole:


As Shaun nails it: “We are talking about the best bang-for-the-buck pedals on the market”. And the look awesome 🙂


Take the    at Fanatec



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